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All About Indian Poker

Indian Poker

Indian poker is one of the funniest and most popular versions of the world-famous card game of poker. Also referred to as Blind Man’s Bluff, Indian poker is a very unique take on the game that can be played either in a serious, big money table or during friend’s parties as a group activity or an ice-breaker. Indian poker is a very entertaining variant of the classic poker game, and is a great version to play and practice good decision making skills with regards to understanding the flop.

The main difference with playing Indian poker compared to other, more conventional types of poker is that here you will be able to see all of the cards that your opponents have, but at the expense of not being able to see your own cards. The usual format of this type of poker game is to just see the highest card holder as the winner. In such games, each poker player is dealt a single card that will be shown to all other poker players, usually stuck to the card-holder’s forehead facing everybody else. Standard rounds of betting will then ensue until the cards and the round winner is determined.