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Indian poker is a variant of the basic poker game and is also known in many areas as Blind Man’s Bluff. Blind Man’s Bluff is a funny version of poker, and is a favorite in many college parties and among dinner and drink gatherings with friends. Blind Man’s Bluff is a version where each poker player is unable to see the cards that are dealt to them, and instead get to see the cards that are dealt to all other opposing players. There are many variations to this type of poker game, all of which are quite easy to understand, learn, and master.

The most common version of Blind Man’s Bluff allows only one card dealt to each player, who has to have his or her card stuck on their forehead facing every other player. As soon as all players are given cards, they take turns in a traditional round of betting until the winner, the one with the highest card value, is determined.

Forehead Stud is another variation, and is a type of stud poker. In this version, a predetermined number of the hole cards are not revealed from their owners but are revealed to all opponents. This version really requires mastery in reading the faces of one’s opponents or friends.


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